Lykke Driftwood 5" Set

Lykke Driftwood 5" Set


For a smooth, comfortable knit, LYKKE needles are the best choice. With their warm feel, the needles are easy on the hands - a true pleasure to use. All LYKKE needles have US and metric sizes etched onto the needles themselves to ensure permanent readability. If it's comfort and style you're after, LYKKE is a fantastic choice!


Set includes:

-Twelve pairs of needles, sized: US 4/3.5mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4mm, US 7/4.5mm, US 8/5mm, US 9/5.5mm, US 10/6mm, US 10.5/6.5mm, US 11/8mm, US 13/9mm, US 15/10mm, US 17/12mm

-Six cords, lengths: (2) 24"/60cm, (2) 32"/80cm, (1) 40"/100cm

-Two connectors

-Four keys

-Eight stitch stoppers

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