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Addi Olive wood Crochet Hook

Addi Olive wood Crochet Hook

  • Based on addi's® popular Color Coded Crochet Hook design
  • Olive Wood handles for a secure grip, featuring a plant-based oil finish 
  • Turbo-plated tips with a warm, beautiful handle - life doesn’t get much better



Sizes Available to order: US 18 (0.50mm), US 16 (0.60mm), US 14 (0.75mm), US 12 (1.00mm), US 10 (1.25mm), US 08 (1.50mm), US 06 (1.75mm), US A (2.00mm), US B (2.50mm), US C (3.00mm), US D (3.25mm), US E (3.50mm), (3.75mm), US F (4.00mm), US G (4.50mm), US H (5.00mm), US I (5.50mm), and US J (6.00mm)

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