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Hi folks, we're Ash and Matt - two passion-driven, first-generation farmers trying to make it by in this big box world. Our initial attraction to farming grew from our shared interest in ecology and the local food movement. After being trounced by cash buyers during several attempts to purchase a farm of our own, we resolved to start our farm on leased land. We've grown steadily and now care for a flock of 53 registered Romney sheep, 60 laying hens, and a troupe of heritage pigs. You can find us at several northeast Sheep & Wool festivals where we offer beautiful hand-dyed yarns, and combed fiber for handspinners from our flock. We can also be found at our local CNY farmers’ markets with our pastured lamb, pork, and eggs alongside Ash’s organically grown vegetables & herbs. 


We believe in working alongside the natural world while farming, and think that all parties benefit from doing so. We prioritize native flora & fauna in our farming practices, while encouraging a reconnection between humans and their food. Purchasing from us is also an investment in clean air, water, and food for our community - which we are committed to long term.  You’ll also find that we’re both obsessed with wool, and for good reason. Wool is a truly magical natural material; it is durable, skin-soothing, anti-microbial, insulating, fire-resistant, toxin-absorbing, renewable, biodegradable, and carbon-sequestering. If you see us at a market and have a question about our products or our principles - please ask! We love talking about local food & fiber, and believe that reconnecting customers with their farmers is the only way to heal our broken food and textile systems. 


The way we farm is considered unusual, although it is becoming more common in our generation as farmland becomes increasingly inaccessible. We live in a suburb and drive 15 minutes to our farm operation every day. We don't have access to water or electricity at the farm, so we use small solar fence energizers, and haul over 40 gallons of water daily. We practice management intensive grazing, ensuring our sheep, pigs, and chickens are always on fresh, clean grass.  This grazing system also helps us optimize both our resources and animal health, while decreasing our impact on the plants and animals that we share the pasture with. Ask Matt about the subtleties of our grazing plan if you are interested and have some time to chat. All of our animals have continuous access to the outdoors and shelter, year-round and are only confined on days that we need to do health-checks, shearing day, or the few days that ewes are in jugs to facilitate bonding with their new lambs. We prioritize organic practices, but also use conventional methods of sheep keeping as necessary in order to ensure our sheep are as healthy & happy as possible.


The aim of our breeding program is to produce lambs with good conformation and exceptional fleece. Our lambs have great genetic backgrounds, are electric fence trained, and pasture-adapted. We have a limited number of beautiful registered Romneys available every spring, so please reach out early if you are interested in adding Flora & Fauna genetics to your flock. 


We began this adventure with our first few sheep in 2017, and since then our passion for sheep, wool, and local food & fiber has only grown. Follow our journey on:


Instagram: florafaunafarm


FB: Flora & Fauna Farm on FB

Patreon: Flora & Fauna Farm on Patreon


I’m Ash, the owner and operator of Flora & Fauna Farm. I bought my first few sheep in 2017, and immediately fell in love with them.  Shepherding was a natural extension of my interests in animals, ecology, and textiles.  When I'm not working with wool or trimming hooves, I like to read, get lost in the woods, garden, and hang out with my cat, Timber. 


I'm Matt, Ash's partner and Flora & Fauna Farm's pasture nerd.  By day I am an Electrical Power Systems Engineer but I aspire to eventually leave the rat race and become a full-time grass farmer.  My other interests currently include fly fishing small creeks, spending time with my Border Collie, Cedar, and learning to spin. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people that have helped us get this far. Not everyone we’ve met in the farming world have been friendly to newbies, but these people have taken the time to give us advice, teach us, and endure our many exhaustive, sometimes repeated, (and occasionally weird) questions. Your guidance and mentorship has been invaluable to us and we will never forget it.  All of our love and gratitude to Ron, Sunny & Tom, Graeme, Peter & Danette, Aaron, and ibuprofen. 

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